Department of Tourism

The State of Rajasthan is one of the most favoured destinations of tourists in India for both domestic & International traffic. Rajasthan, which is a premier tourist destination attracts tourist for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture. In world scenario also, tourism has emerged as a biggest industry and posses great employment potential.

Tourism occupies a prominent place in the state’s agenda as a cruc ial engine for income and employment. Tourism also promotes communal harmony and national unity. Seeing the significance of tourism in the economic development, the Government has taken various policy measures for establishing tourism as a "People's Indust ry". Though, commercialisation of tourism is necessary in Rajasthan, it is also well understood that tourism promotes culture. The state Government in the recent past has made efforts for the maximum benefit from tourism sector. Public and private sector h ave been jointly promoting the tourism in the state and have made productive efforts to exploit the vast potential of tourism sector.

The Department of Tourism is working as a separate entity for the execution of national and state level policies, progra mmes and also as a coordinating agency for the Central - State Government Department/ Offices and Private sectors activities for promotion of tourism in the state.

At the Commissionerate level, two Additional Directors, three Jt. Directors, 2 Dy. Director, Financial Adviser, Deputy Director (Planning and Stat.), Assistant Directors, Accounts Oficer, Asstt. Accounts Officer and Tourist Officers are working under the Commissioner, Tourism. The field offices of the department at the 4 prominent metropolitan ci ties viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are also functioning. At the regional level, in the seven divisions of State, Dy. Directors are heading the Regional Offices. Apart from this, Tourist Reception Centres & Tourist Information Bureaus are located at other prominent tourist places/ entry points of the State.

Under the cont rol of State Tourism Department two public sector entity viz Rajasthan Tourism Dev. Corporation Ltd. and Rajasthan State Hotel Corporation Ltd. and one society viz Rajasthan Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (RITTMAN) are also operating.

Tourism Policy:

The State new Tourism Policy was released on 27 - 9 - 2001. The mission statement of the Tourism Policy is to evolve a pragmatic policy designed to ensure optimum utilization of rich tourism resources of the state to generate employment specially in rural areas, to develop a ready market for the rich and varied handicrafts, to preserve varied bio - diversity, natural historical, cultural and cultural heritage of the state by scientific methods and to accelerate contribution of tourism industry in so cio – economic development of the state by making tourism a truly People's Industry in Rajasthan.

Tourism was declared as an industry in 1989 and with the issue of notification dated 7 - 11 - 2002, the condition of issuing separate notification granting bene fits to Tourism Industry has been deleted and now benefits to Tourism, would be available at par with the other industries.

Fairs - Festivals and Cultural Programmes

The Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are the example of State' s lively cultural heritage. Through the organization of these fairs and festivals and cultural programmes, attracting tourists promote tourism promotion. They have a great appeal for tourists. Department by organizing the world known annually fairs and fes tival, tends to promote the prosperous cultural heritage of State.

Tourism Publicity - Promotion and Marketing

In order to facilitate dissemination of information about tourist places, department annually publishes brochures, folder, booklets posters etc of tourist places. The literature published is being distributed in the country and abroad, so that the tourist can gain precise information. It is also being circulated to the tourism trade related personalities and organisations. Tourist can have th ese literatures available through the Tourist Reception Centres / Tourist Information Centres run by the department.

For tourism promotion and publicity and aggressive marketing, following efforts are being made at the department level:

  1. Printing of Tourism Publicity Literature
  2. Advertising
  3. International Conferences
  4. Film, Photos, VHS, CD's etc.
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Seminar & Conferences
  7. Hospitality
  8. Library
  9. Souvenirs.

For expenditure under the above head, Tourism Information and Publici ty (TIP) Rules have been formulated.

Apart from the above, department has been making efforts for wide slote promotion – publicity & aggressive marketing of the states tourist places and products. Department participates in the various international and national exhibitions, seminars and conferences. In the previous year, department has conducted Rajasthan Road Shows in the southern region of country in Coimbatore, Chennai and Kolkata, which have been most successful. The shows at Coimbatore and Chennai were duly co - ordinated by the local Rajasthan Sangh, in which thousands of people participated and greatly appreciated the programme. Department has represented Rajasthan in overseas this year at WTM, London, TAAI, Malaysia and PATA, Singapore and for tour ism promotion has participated in different International / national level conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc. Apart from that Road Shows were also organized in U.S.A.

For increasing tourist arrivals,wide promotion & aggressive marketing of tourism in the state, Department has made efforts through Print Media.

Department participats in various exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, seminars etc Though TAF (Tourist Police) was started in State from 01 - 08 - 2000, for the safety, security and assistance to the tourist, department made efforts to resolve the problems experienced by tourist and to protect them from anti - social element, so that they had hassle free stay in the State. Presently the force has been deployed at Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalm er, Pushkar (Ajmer) and Mt. Abu.

Rajasthan Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

Rajasthan Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (RITTMAN), Jaipur was registered on 29th Oct, 1996 under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958 (Rajasthan Act No. 28, 1958). The registered office of this society is Paryatan Bhawan, Hotel Khasa Kothi Campus, M.I. Road, Jaipur. The objective of the soci ety are as below:

  1. Human resource development for the acitivities related to the Tourism Department in the State of Rajasthan.
  2. To provide latest information related to tourism.
  3. Human Resource Development of manpower working in tourism agencies in State, Govt. entity and Private Sector.
  4. To ensure better facilities for tourists through effective management keeping in view the various opportunities in tourism in the State.
  5. Conducting trainings on foreign languages for Shopkeeper, Guides, Ch auffers, Hoteliers and Tourism personnel.
  6. Training programmes for Guides.
  7. Organization of workshops, seminar, conference for developing tourism in Rajasthan.
  8. Providing consultancy, survey, research for State Govt. entity & Private sector indepe ndently or in joint collaboration with other agencies.
  9. Providing graduates for bright future of tourism & travel sector
  10. Regulation of any other activity, which is, directly or indirectly related to the promotion of Tourism in Rajasthan.

Accommodation Facilities

In Rajasthan sufficient accommodation facilities are available for tourists comprising of one star to five star category classified Hotels, classified Heritage Hotels, other Hotels, Dharamshalas / Inns, Rest Houses, Rajasthan Stat e Hotel Corporation and Rajasthan Tourism Dev. Corporation Hotels and accommodation units and Paying Guest Houses.

Due to the department's promotion and encouragement, the Heritage Hotels have become a great attraction for foreign tourists, as it showlists past (royal) original work along with the latest amentities. Rajasthan has been the pioneer in context of launching Heritage Hotels in the country. In India, among the total 33 heritage hotels of Rajasthan is providing a royal hospitality to the guests.

At the cities of tourism importance in the State viz. Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Mt. Abu & Udaipur, the department has launched Paying Guest Scheme. Its main objective is to make tourist aware with the Raj asthan's Culture and lifestyle. Under this scheme, about 306 Guest Houses are being operated in above mentioned cities, and is being mainly acquired by foreign tourists.

The World's renowned Tourism writers, photographers, Journalists, TV Team, Travel Tour Operators, Actors and Tourism trade - related personalities are being invited for the Fam Tour conducted by the Department. They are being made to travel around The State as Department Guests and are provided information relating to the fairs and festivals being celebrated in the State, so that through their travel experiences, articles and photos, tourism industry can get a boost to attract the maximum for tourism in the State.

Training Institutes Operating for Human Resource Development in Tourism Sector
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Jodhpur and Jaipur
  • Food Craft Institute, Ajmer
  • Food Craft Institute, Udaipur

Keeping in view the tourist arrivals at different tourist places locate in the State, Tourism Department undertakes several development works. The different development works being executed / financed mainly are as below:

  1. Works of Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS)
  2. Works under CSS which are executed through CPWD / other agencies of GOI.

Similarly GOI through ITDC has undertaken following works at following important tourist places:

  1. Light and sound show at Chittorgarh fort.
  2. Light and sound show at Khumbhalgarh Fort.
  3. Integrated development of Pushkar Ghat.

The development works are also being executed by the tourism department on the basis of joint venture of GOI and State Govt.

Cent per cent State Govt. Financed Dev. Projects

  1. Web Portal: The Department has got its own Web Portal, so that domestic and foreign tourist can have online information about Rajasthan Tourism.
  2. Tizara Fort: The Project Report for the renovation, reconstruction and commercial use of Tizara Fort has been prepared. The property has been allotted to M/s Neemrana Hotels (P) Ltd. and they are developing it as a Hotel Unit.
  3. Jal Mahal Project:
  4. Rope-way:
  5. Golf Tourism: Today Golf Tourism has been pivotal in the field of Tourism. It makes tourists stay on at a place
  6. Charter Flights
  7. Adventure Sports Tourism: It is an important dimension of Tourism Sector. Recently, Department has organised adventure sports activities at Jaipur and Kota.
  8. Development and Construction of approach roads to tourism sites.
  9. The Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010 has been promulgated.
  10. For the wide publicity of Rajasthan Tourism, new brand "Rajasthan - simply colourful" has been adopted and which has gained appreciation.
  11. New buildings of Institute of Hotel Management, Jodhpur and Food Craft Institute, Udaipur have been constructed.

Due to the above initiatives and aggressive marketing programs, there has been significant increase in development of Tourism in Rajasthan and tour

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